Pilates for fat people


This is a subject very close to my heart, and lets be honest my body.  I am a big girl, a very big girl and I do 3 to 4 Pilates classes a week.  Lisia, my star instructor teaches me and I have to say that it has made a dramatic difference not only to my body but also to my mind set and my emotional well being. Pilates  for fat people? Yes because Pilates is for people full stop.

Firstly, Pilates has a reputation as being for dancers and super models.  This couldn’t be further from the truth.  Pilates is for anybody but not everybody.  What do I mean by that?  Anybody can do Pilates from the obese, the wheelchair bound, the elderly to professional athletes.  But it is not for everybody. What do I mean by that?  Some people just will not get the mind/body connection and may feel like they are not getting a ‘workout’.  The Pilates that we do here at Ion Pilates is about form, function, movement, strength and balance.  We believe you need to be in perfect form before moving onto to the next level of practice.  This is why the Pilates that we do is suitable for overweight people.  Because your working at a level that your body can cope with.  As an exercise gets slightly easier you advance to the next level of intensity, building on the strength you have gained from previous practice.

My Personal Pilates Practice

I have been doing regular practice now for 6 months and I do more than your average person, being as I own the studio so I am in there everyday.  Most of our clients do twice a week some do once a week and a few do 3 times a week I am the only the who does 4 times a week sometimes 5 (yes I am completely obsessed and totally love it – hence why I brought the studio!)

I would say that I am intermediate at some exercises and still beginner at lots of exercises and advanced at . . . none. My stomach gets in the way of a lot of the exercises, i.e. rolling like a ball, chest lifts and most of the work done on an exo chair.  I am flexible so the stretching aspect of Pilates is relatively easy for me, but in the beginning I was not strong so I could do some exercises easily but if I had an instructor who was not as experienced as Lisia I might have injured myself through pushing myself too hard.  I have heavy legs which makes some exercises easier – footwork on the reformer and lots much harder – any exercise that involves moving your leg (which is . . . .well most of them! single leg stretch, clamps, leg circles etc).  Yet that’s not the point.  I feel great, I feel motivated to keep doing it and possibly even more important I am now really working hard at nutrition, cardio workouts and weight loss, (you can read all about that on my ‘My big FAT journey blogs).

Pilates Training Course

Recently Lisia has started to push me a little bit harder as I am going off to do the Pilates training with the ITC in Brisbane July 2012.  Yes I am going to become an instructor. I may possibly be the fattest Pilates instructor in Australia and hey bring it on I say.  I am looking forward to it. I really want to teach the overweight among us. I also really look forward to my continued journey with Pilates.  It can only keep getting better. Onward and Upwards.


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